I woke up at 10:30, and began my routine media activities at about 11:00. I checked the Hotmail than had breakfast. One thing was worthy to be mentioned is the e-mail from Coach Factory. It said that they had 20 percent sale from October 1 to October 17. This led to my next use of media. I talked to my mom through Skype and she asked me to buy 6 COACH BAG!!!!!! Of course they are not only for her but also for the relatives. Because of this, we talked on the Skype for about an hour and kept showed each other website we found. I have found a new function about the Skype recently since my mom usually wants me to show her something that on my computer. There is an function called “share your screen” on the Skype. Through this function, we don’t have to send or transmit our file to the receivers, I can just share my screen to them. It is much convenient and easier to make receivers to understand what I am going to illustrate.

I have browsed the PTT again and tried to find some news about Taiwan, since it is Double Tens’ Day (Taiwan’s national day). I saw many of my friends who have changed their pictures on the facebook or MSN into our national flag and my brother just send me a picture of our national flag.

I felt touched, especially I am studying abroad. I played with iPod touch all afternoon and still can’t conquer the first level of Angry Bird!! I gave up finally. I have watched some TV programs from Taiwan through web TV while having dinner. On my way home, I listened to the sport report on the radio. At night, I received a phone call from one of my friends, the Gators lost AGAIN! I felt disappointed and went bed.

Media Diary Analysis:

After a week’s doing media diary I realized what the way I use media everyday is. It is interesting. I found that most of the media I used are electronic media, like laptop, iPod touch, Radio and etc. The technology is progressing and we are now in the new technology era. I think that is why I used electronic ones much more than paper based media although I read newspaper like Alligator. The second thing I found is that the purposes I use the media are usually for entertainment, killing time, staying in touch with friends and browsing internet for fun. Actually, I spent a significant amount time on study but I usually just use the books or papers when reading. The only time I can use the electronic media is for uploading assignments or obtaining class news. I also recognized that I always have some routine usages of media, like checking e-mail, playing games on iPod touch, in everyday life since I live in the modern and progressive society. The most important is that I learned something from everyday media use. Take IPod touch for example, I have discovered new, fun and convenient app that make my life colorful. Although I didn’t watched TV everyday, I have read news from websites and learned some new information. Still, I want to appreciate the progress of the new technology and the new styles of communication that make us know more about this world thus lead to a better life.


I woke up late today because I burned the midnight oil yesterday for writing one of the assignments. After checked my Hotmail I started my today’s journey of online shops: Hollister and American Eagle are both on sale, so is the urban outfitters. But I didn’t buy anything online. Not because of the negative experiences I heard from others, just because I have no budget for those thingsJ I checked my blog and read comments at worldpress and I thought I need more time to give the response. At about 1pm, Mom called me by skype asking whether I received her package or not since it has been shipped for two weeks. I was very worried about the package, so I tracked it by the tracking system. What makes me angry is that the update information showed the package was arrived at San Francesco on 28 September, but I haven’t gotten it so far. I subscribed tracking e-mail to inform me the latest status (if there is any latest status update). After a while of disappointment, I used Facebook checking the latest update of my friends. My cousin posted some photos of our childhood, they are really interesting and remind me lot of funny things I did.      

In the afternoon, I killed time with my iPod touch. I sent some text massage to my friends. The Angry Bird really makes me angry! Because I got stuck for all afternoon at 1-12 level!!!!!! And I found an interesting app, Star Walk, which illustrates the all locations of stars in the sky depends the time and the place you enter.

Today I only watched TV once which was during the dinner. I went to gatornight for movie, the Eclipse. When it comes to the story of the movie, I’m speechless. It’s really so unreal and somehow looked ridiculous. My roommates and I also went to the station that could composite pictures for student! Here it is!


Ant the most important, it is free if you got the paper bracelet.

9:00 woke up, cold!!!!

Checked Hotmail

Received text message from conversation partner, hoping we can meet at 12:30

Used the Skype to talk with Dad

Browsed the Facebook: another friend who received the post card!!

Played Vegsamurai on my IPod touch and checked today’s temperature 50F

Went to Bank of America with Fannin

Talked with friend who just finished her mid-term through cell phone

Dined in the food court with laptop turned on

Surfed website pudding buy(sale information for Taiwanese international students)

Searched YouTube for a video “Charlie bit me” (a little is really cute)

Watched TV at study lounge   

Read online e-journal before did an assignment

Went to supermarket and took a sale flyer

Ate dinner with TV                        

Looked up at website of library west used database

Browsed New York Times

Today’s media diary may be little boring, because I had 6 classes in Wednesday and I spent most of time at school today!!!

The alarm clock rang at 9:00, but I lied on the bed till 9:30. Suddenly, my cell phone rang, my friend called to inform me that he has arrived the regional airport. So I rushed out to my little red car and start to head to Gainesville regional airport with the guidance of GPS, then went to school. I listened to my IPOD touch during driving. At about 10:40, I started today’s first class, Research Method. The in class exercise was interesting. I did content analysis to the personal ads (where people express “Love”) on the Alligator. During the class, I logged in to the E-learning, which I will use to take my mid-term exam in two weeks (it is kind of interesting, I mean the way professor gave us exam not the exam itself). When finishing my exercise I used printer to print out the paper and sent a copy to my Hotmail in case I will need it.

At 2:00 I went to the classroom to assure the websites Sadie and I are going to use at today’s presentation. In order to illustrate our idea clearly, we use the YouTube clicks and various websites to help out presentation. And I’m glad that everyone seemed to enjoy the classJ. After class, I used the app called “Text free” in iPod touch sending text message to my friend in Washington D.C. I love this app, because it is free!!  

I had sushi for dinner and watched the football game in the restaurant. The ESPN showed interesting classic flashback of football game. I have found something I need in other class through the E-journal system of the library website. I appreciate this system, it is much easier for us to obtain the study materials than before. I feel so tired today, so before went to bed I just scanned the Facebook and post “Happy Birthday” to one of my friends.

I had a habit, turning on my laptop when I wake up. This habit was cultivated after coming to United State. I think it is because I feel only through the internet that I can “be with” my old friends and family. Sometimes I will feel very uncomfortable if I don’t use the laptop and internet all day long. Is this kind of without-Internet-phobia? Today, I still checked the Hotmail first. Then I saw the information send by Facebook saying that one of my friends left some message for me. I clicked the link and logged in to the Facebook. It is really nice to saw such a warm greeting from Taiwan. Petite is my friend in the college, she went to Japan for exchanging, and returned to Taiwan three months ago. She said she received my post card and asked if I’m going home during the vacation. This made all my memories of college popped up. I browsed some pages of my friends and would like to know what are they doing know. Thanks to Facebook for helping maintain the relationship with friends and recalling our precious memories. Before I decided to buy lunch at First Walk (a Chinese restaurant at 34 street)I checked the weather report on my iPod touch. It’s said today’s temperature is around 11°C (it is about 51°F) in Gainesville. The winter is coming! When I enjoyed the winter’s atmosphere, my Chinese classmate called and told me about the breaking news yesterday. I was shocking and search for the news article about this event. I found it at Salon.com. It said about the Shooter attacks six before killing himself.(Horrible!!!!)

I had the episode “Grey’s Anatomy” on TV with my pepper steak onion. At about 2pm, I started heading to library west. I picked Alligator while walked by McCarty Bus Station and scanned the same scary news. Also, the Gators now search for the foot team leader sounds interesting. After 4pm, I went home and saw the movie poster of this coming Gatornight, Eclipse. When seating on the bus, I used my iPod touch to send the free text messages.

Before the dinner, I went to Target Store to print out my photos and it took me much time to understand the operation of the machine (because the printing job there is a DIY work). The TV shows that came with the dinner was SpongeBob Squarepants, one of my favorite cartoons. In my opinion, sometimes, watching cartoons will refresh our brain that polluted by the outside world. Oh! And I also saw the advertisement of Runway Project on tomorrow. Hope I will have chance to watch it.

I had learned something today from talking to Sadie, the daylight saving time. In order to understand the new information, I looked up the Wikipedia for rough idea and was surprised by that most of the western countries still use this special time format.  When I was doing the assignment, my grandpa called me by Skype and chatted with me for a while. I suddenly realized he is getting older than I thought.  

Before lying on the bed, I saw the “Sleepy Hollow” through PPStream.

I woke up at 10:00 and hurry up posting my blog post of this week on my blog, Morgan In Wonderland. In spite of stayed up late watching Joy Luck Club last night, I feel energetic after had a pill of B complex. Besides today, I expect myself to begin a day with e-mail checking. I’ve checked my Hotmail and Gatormail accounts. There was an e-mail reminded me to track the shipment of the items that I shopped online few days ago. Great! The package was arriving Orlando and I bet it will be in front of my house soon.

After organized the idea of the assignment, I started to brows PTT, the Bulletin Board System and I finished the ghost stories I saw yesterday. Then, I turned to PTT2. Most of my college classmates have their personal discussion board there. I browsed some of their news and articles and found fewer and fewer people use their space there since we were already graduated.  

Before heading to school, I downloaded a new app game, Angry Bird, I have heard this game will make you angry once you start play it. It’s interesting. When I arrived at school I felt sleepy, heading to Starbucks sounds a good idea. But since the time was so close to the beginning of the class and I don’t have any money in my Starbucks card, I gave up the coffee plan that would make me stay awake in the afternoon. Before entering into the classroom, I stood for a while in front of the TV wall. In the class, professor had introduced his new released book “Be Who You Really Are” which published electronically on blurb.com. One of my classmates showed me the website and the image of book immediately with her IMAC.

At about 5 pm I walked out of the college building to meet Sadie at library West and grabbed today’s Alligator. After seeing the headline, which talked about the game with Alabama at Friday, I felt angry and disappointed again.

When arriving home, I checked my e-mail again and found that Hollister had a “Monday Secret Sale” but end at 6pm. It’s a pity! At about 9pm, one of my friends came to my house and I have shared our themes of Sony Ericsson cell phone through Bluetooth. Before going to sleep, I had a little chat with my family by using MSN and made an e-birthday card by Photoshop.


Hsu: UF graduate students

Hsieh: UF graduate students

Chen: UF graduate students

1.Do you have any online purchasing experience (include purchasing services and objects) in the United State? If no, please do question number 2A; If yes, please do question number 2B.

Hsu: Yes

Hsieh: No

Chen: Yes

2A.  What are the reasons make you do online shopping?

Hsu: Easily brows every items you I want online. I can do shopping at home!

Chen: They offer lower prices and a whole bunch of stuff that we can choose from.

2B.  What are the reasons make you don’t want to purchase online?

Hsieh: I’m worried about Credit card and ID theft. The goods may be different from the ones they were described online. Also, I’m not familiar with the online shopping process.

3. Now, just imagine that you are doing online purchasing or based on your experience, please put the following options in order (base on your priority)

A. seller’s Rating and Review

B. Price

C. Description of goods’ condition

D. Shipping fee

E. Shipping time

F. Free gift

G. Refundable




4. While purchasing online, what payment access would you prefer?

Mailing check 

Credit/Debit card 

Cash (order items online) 

Gift card 

ATM transferring


Hsu: Paypal

Hsieh: Debit card

Chen: Debit card

5. What kind of situation would you considered the worst online purchasing experience?

Hsu: Description mismatches the item.

Hsieh: Good quality doesn’t fit with the description.

Chen: While the appearance or condition of the item I get is way different from that is shown and described on the website.

6. Now, just imagine that you are doing online purchasing and have negative experience you described above, please put the following options in order (base on your priority)

A. seller’s Rating and Review

B. Price

C. Description of goods’ condition

D. Shipping fee

E. Shipping time

F. Free gift

G. Refundable





I can see few things from these questions and answers. 1. The reasons of first time online purchasing don’t include “reassurance”( just like buy things because it was a website for an e-business that was already a well-known, reliable business offline as well )(Mutz 2009)2. To my surprise, the first place in priority order of these three people (what they considered the most important when doing online shopping) are not the criteria like “Seller’s rating and review ”, only one of them regarded “condition of the goods” is the most important. But in the second place, two of them put “Seller’s rating and review ” and those two are the ones who had online shopping experiences. This shows people basically don’t have trust on online seller and people will do things base on their experience. 3. After them describing what kind of experience they considered to be the worst, the priority of most important criteria didn’t change a lot. Only one person, Hsu, who has online shopping experience, became more cautious. 4. Examining the way they use as the online payment, using PayPal is considered to be safer and people use it are regarded as having less trust on strangers. The other two prefer to use debit card, which like credit card, is more risky than PayPal.


I don’t think there is strong relation between participation to e-commerce and level of social trust like Mutz described in her article. We may only say that people would do things base on their experience just like Hsu. Also Hsieh, the first time buyer is worried the cyber scams like ID theft or mismatch of the description and reality, she still buys things online because of the descriptions. In my perspective, there too many reasons that would affect the buyers decision when buying things online and buying things online. I think the generalized trust may be one of but not takes a large part of them.